Content As A Service is Future of Content Marketing

Content As A Service is Future of Content Marketing

“Content is King” is one of the most often heard buzzwords in the realm of digital marketing. Yet few people have cracked the tough enterprise content nut truly. If content is so important, why is it such a hard nut to crack?

Obsolete Content Mental Model

One of the key reasons why many digital content providers are struggling is because many of us are still stuck in the old days of publishing. In the past, content is published for reading. They are meant for books, magazines, posters or brochures. The advent of Internet has created a paradigm shift in human’s reading behavior. A new era has dawned but many of us are still caught in the habits of yesteryears.

Scanning, Not Reading

Many usability experts who had done extensive studies on eyeball tracking have discovered that users are scanning web rather than reading. Long copies just do not work on the web as people are simply scanning around for clickable text and headers to decide if something is worth reading. The ease of navigation has dramatically changed our behavior from reading to comprehend content in its entirety to scanning for bits and pieces of information that are useful to us.

This insight tells us that content should not be designed to be read in its entirety but broken up into bite-size pieces of information that can be served quickly to everyone.

New Use of Bite-Size Content

It is quite a fair bit of effort to rewrite existing content, especially those that are specifically written for printed material, into bite-sizes. To justify the additional effort, which is absolutely necessary in the first place to improve usability and customer experience, we need to get extra mileage out of the content. This is where “Content as a Service” model come about.

In the new model, content owners provide content as a service as and when people require them. Similar to other cloud based services, content owners specify a standard on how the content can be used. In the new world order, content publishers, who are not necessarily the content owners, can find ways to customize the content themselves to end users. So the role and responsibility is different now. Content owners can focus on breaking up content into bite-size bits that are meaningful. Their focus as content owners and subject matter experts would be to ensure the integrity of the content so that it is accurate and updated. Content publisher can then rely on the content those owners provide as a service to customize content for the end users base on needs.

A ubiquitous content consumption model: Content is maintained by owners and publishers mix and match content from various owners and publish content base on devices, needs and other parameters.

Content as a Service Benefit

What benefits would we get by providing content as a service? Firstly, content owners can become authority for their content as their focus is getting the content right and they do not have to worry about design and other user interfaces. The credibility of the content and their subject matter expertize would help to build trust and brand loyalty.

Similarly, content publisher has the capability to come out with ingenious tools or applications to help users consume content in ways that was not possible in the past. This would help content publishers to differentiate their offerings.

Use Case - A future ready bank

A bank has decided to embark on providing content as a service and developed services to access all their contents regarding their credit cards. Aggregator and price-comparison sites can now have access to their data easily. Instead of relying on human effort to get data from the bank and manually updating the site, the services are created only once and would update the sites whenever the bank updates the content. The bank now has competitive advantage over their competitors as their updates are reflected faster on the aggregators or price-comparison sites than their competitors.

As all their content are available through service calls, ingenious developers start to develop apps that uses their data for location based discount for their credit cards, latest promotions, and other benefits. In fact, someone even created an app called “Redemption Calculator” for people to work out the amount they need to spend in order to redeem their favorite item.

Unleash the Creativity of Others

In the use case, we can see that providing the content as a service definitely bring about a lot of benefits. In fact, many Government Agencies have been amazed by the amount of innovation when they started freeing up their data and providing them as a service. Many content owners (see are already embarking on the content. Are you one of them?