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    ISO 9001
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  • New Entrepreneur Award Winner 2019
    New Entrepreneur
    Award Winner 2019
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We are energetic, smart


In 2013, Decision Science was founded to bridge a gap in the digital industry primarily dominated by two types of agencies: design agencies with their beautiful craft on one end, and system integration companies with their high focus on integration only.

We wanted to create a new generation, where customer journey is taken care in a seamless manner. At a time when UX and UI first started to develop its grip on the industry, Decision Science kick-started and adopted data as the drive behind efficient interfaces – and therein onwards many great partnerships with our clients took form.

Our Philosophy

Tech Abilities

Competency & comprehension

Relevant tech stack

Right People

Selection and recruitment

Performance review & dismissal

Training and KPI management


Profit and loss tracking

Teamwork and efficiency

Timeliness of deliverable

Best Quality

Documentation and tracking

Customer satisfaction

Reliability and managed rework

Our Beliefs

Listen Actively to Empathize

Towards our clients and staff, we welcome open conversations as the first step to success is to listen actively, and the second step is to empathize and learn from each other

Pay it Foward

The folks at DS are no stranger to CSR events and often find time to participate in events by Red Cross, volunteering has helped our staff appreciate and share our blessings

Employees First

As a core company value, each managerial leader is tasked with the mandate to care for each employee – birthdays, seasons are often celebrated with everyone

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We believe in the combined power of

analytics and creativity


Our working team is trained in agile and scrum methodology to collaborate and deliver efficiently

Customer Experience

We focus on multi-channel and

cross channel customer experience

to support the desirable customer experience

Data Driven

Provide strategic solutions based on data

analysis and interpretation to improve

efficiency of digital marketing operations

Design Thinking

Our team is trained to use Design Thinking as a human-centered approach to innovate solutions for our clients

Our clients and partners

 to our success

Decision Science has been awarded Adobe Partner of the Year in South East Asia and is recognized as an Adobe Experience Manager Specialized Partner in the Asia-Pacific region.

OUR Technology Partners
Online Store

Of our many digital projects done for StarHub, StarHub Business Online Store was commissioned to solve a very unique challenge before going to market. Due to the high level of complexity within enterprise solutions, the Enterprise Marketing team identified that a high level of transformation is needed for its current selling model in order for the products to go to the online marketplace. To achieve that, DS was brought in as the digital expertise to discuss, diagnose and develop a digital solution to help StarHub Enterprise Marketing team create an online marketplace that appeals to SMB/SME start-ups who very often seek fast to market solutions.

Digital Marketing Transformation

Since 2016, Aviva has partnered with Decision Science to transform its marketing operations and build an omni-channel digital solution. In order to speak to individual customer, we brought together data across channels as customers move across web, mobile, email, and offline channels. This helped Aviva build a 360-degree view of how customers interact with digital campaigns and experiences. In addition, we built a unified customer profile so that precise targeting drove high conversion rate. Lastly, we transformed Aviva marketing operations from a manual and time-intensive process to a highly efficient and campaign management that is fast enough to capture demands in a timely manner as well as able to provide real-time decisioning and reporting.

Great Eastern

A smart digital assistant using machine learning technology, inbuilt into the app helps the agent to maximize their time and secure the best possible leads. Specially targeted to reach out to their existing clients and re-establishing relevant conversations. Ability to track their sales performance and schedule follow up on the go. Saving time and manual effort for tracking and monitoring. Seamless daily activity planning via the GreatPlanner provides greater efficiency and productivity. A single digital application replacing the need for multiple tools and devices. With lead management on the go, advisors are no longer desk bound to follow up on real-time sale opportunities sent by notifications to their mobile.

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Managing Director

Winner of New Entrepreneur 2019


Managing Director

Winner of New Entrepreneur 2019

Decision Science Agency (DS), started by Collin Ang in 2013, helps companies to improve the efficiency of digital marketing operations by focusing on digital strategy, usability and analytics. DS has steadily grown from 2 staff to 50 by the end of 2018. Despite its humble origins, it has snagged numerous projects from government agencies and Multinational Corporations alike. DS is on a growth path, averaging an annual revenue growth rate of 35% from 2013-2018. Staff strength has also been increasing steadily by an average 6-7 headcount every year from 2013-2018. In 2019, DS was ranked 25 th in Straits Times Singapore’s fastest growing companies’ rankings.

Under Collin’s leadership, DS has grown from strength to strength from every project implemented, and customer satisfied. Through past projects with different customers especially in the financial services domain, DS has managed to create Intellectual Properties which can be productised. DS’s business strategy is now entering a higher and challenging phase of productisation of some of their bespoke design into ready products.


Chua Shan Yi

Head of Operations

Chua Shan Yi

Head of Operations

When Decision Science first founded, Shan was part of the starting team as a project manager. As a former developer, she began to learn the ropes of project management under Collin’s leadership at Decision Science and soon began to lead various projects as the project lead. As the team grew further in size, Shan continued to work across with more project teams and took this opportunity to groom new talents. She began to coach and motivate the many folks at Decision Science to work out their professional challenges, and sometimes even personal challenges as a friend. She is also heading the operations team in managing the BAU operations in DS.

As a working mother of one very active kid, Shan also spends a good amount of time attempting new recipes in her free time. And is currently training her six year old to be a capable sous chef in her kitchen! Her core belief is - there is always an opportunity to learn and improve, and it does not matter what age you are at.


Lynette Leong

Project Director

Lynette Leong

Project Director

Graduated from University of Queensland in Information Technology, Lynette started her career as a developer in the early days. Thereafter, she joined a digital agency to advance her career in project management roles and has never looked back. Having worked in different agencies and handled various digital projects and accounts, Lynette joined the project management team at Decision Science during their founding years.

Lynette is now part of the managing team in Decision Science, together with the Project Director, they lead a team of project managers.


Lee Kok Kay

Project Director

Lee Kok Kay

Project Director

Kok Kay has joined Decision Science as a project manager switching from a software house to venture into the digital domain. He has started off the role being involved in a digital transformation project with one of Singapore renowned insurance companies using Adobe experience cloud solutions. This project has provided him the opportunity to gain a lot of experience and insights in the digital domain and technologies. Since then, he has also headed and implemented several other digital technical and analytics projects with other clients. He is currently part of the managing team and continues to work with other project managers and team members in the project management and delivery.


Tony Tran

Project Director

Tony Tran

Head of Technology and Business Development

In 2001, Tony came to Singapore under the prestigious Singapore Scholarship Programme for promising ASEAN students. He grew to love the country and became a Singapore’s citizen shortly after graduating from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Since then, he has led numerous large-scale digital projects in both public and private sectors.

Tony met Dr. Collin in 2014 and was immediately inspired by the latter’s vision and kindness. From day one, Tony has been involved in important management discussions, defining and refining the company’s strategic direction. Under Dr. Collin’s guidance, he has led many business initiatives and established strategic partnerships with global corporates and technological leaders. Today, leading a team of solution architects and engineers, he embarks on the mission to solve client’s business problems and improve the way they work through digital transformation and technological innovations.

Tony is known to his colleagues and friends as a workaholic, he rarely has spare time for his hobbies. Many don’t know that he is an avid reader of history and fiction novels. Back in those days in high school, he was a semi-professional gamer. He lives to be challenged. He loves the thrill of the competition. And he is good at games where his strength in decision-making can truly shine.


Hieu Nguyen

Technical Director

Hieu Nguyen

Technical Director

Being a Technical Director in DS, 40% of Hieu's working time is spent on computers and technologies, catching up with the trends. The remaining 60% he uses to understand what people are thinking, what they need and want, and try to bring everyone together in order to achieve the common goals. For himself, he's a technical geek, a solutionist who is obsessed with modern web and cloud technologies, and lastly, just another strong believer in the future of ubiquitous computing.

In a normal day, you will see Hieu busy with a messaging app that has 1000+ unread lines, a mailbox that has 100+ unread emails, a Chrome browser that has 50+ tabs opening for some random research, and maybe also a terminal that has 20+ sub-consoles with various commands running like a hacker movie.

Out of that hectic time, you can find him lying down lazily enjoying a book, a game, a movie or just doing nothing but looking at his kid running around shouting the name of some random superhero.


Cho Lai Win

Deputy Technical Director

Cho Lai Win

Deputy Technical Director

After completing her first degree in Computer Sciences, Cho has accomplished her Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis from NUS. She has started her career as a full time backend developer for 3 years and then working as a project manager for the next 7 years till date. She joined Decision Science as a technical project manager 2 years ago. She is most passionate about translating the user requirements into technical specifications using her technical background. Currently Cho is working not only as a project manager but also as assistant technical director which is part of the management team in DS. Together with the technical director, she helps to manage the software development team.

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Be part of

Decision Science is an award winning independent agency that takes pride in its employees. If you’re looking for a challenge as a project manager, business development manager, a UX designer or a technical developer, come join us to be part of an ever growing team. You’ll be supported in your work and your career trajectory will be a nurturing one. Be part of our growth! We hope to hear from you and discuss how we can support your growth as part of our team!

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