Decision Science Agency is a group of consultants and analysts that helps companies to improve the efficiency of digital marketing operations by focusing on digital strategy, usability and analytics.
With problem-solving skills and multi-disciplinary approach, we deliver measureable impact and result. Above all, we are also sensitive to the change management and operational constrains and we deliver our solutions in phases that match our clients' operational readiness.

Web Analytics

We are skilled in Adobe Omniture products, Google Analytics and Webtrends. We can help company define measurement frameworks, set up dashboards and report on metrics to help company understand their strengths and weaknesses in their web strategy and recommend actions based on insights gathered from the report.

Analytical Models

Our people are skilled in tools such as R, SPSS and excel and are able to create analytical models using linear and logistic regression and structural equation modeling, Linear Programming and other models to perform predictive analytics to help company do forecasting and scenario planning.

Customer Experience

We use Design Thinking and Service Design methodologies to help craft customer experience strategies for our clients. We focus on multi-channel and cross channel customer experience and design ecosystems to support the desirable customer experience.


We understand both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics to help company find out key descriptive data of the customer or performance research, understand correlation and also cause and effect (correlation does not automatically imply causation and require good experimental design). We also perform ethnography to identify customer personas with mental attitudes and goals to help companies with product designs and customer experience design.


Our people are all strategists in our heart. We are problem solvers and are able to use many frameworks such as 2x2 matrices, strategy canvas, value house and strategy wheel to help visualise our proposed strategy for our clients. We help our customers reframe their briefs to answer what really matters to their business rather than merely answering the briefs. We add value by making sure that their businesses have compelling purposes that matter to their customers.
Decision Science Agency
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